Stuttgart day 2

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Coat: New Yorker. Sweater: H&M. Pants: Zara. Sneakers: H&M. Bag: H&M

Today I show you the outfit that I wore on the second day spent in Stuttgart. When I posted the photos on Instagram, many of you liked the coat that I wear. Lately my style focuses a lot on oversized shapes and a few basic garnements in basic colors and this coat embodies in every way my style.
The second day in Stuttgart, temperatures suddenly raised by at least five degrees, the sky was clear and people poured on the roads. That day we visited the stunning public library (see the photos on my Instagram) and then we took a walk downtown. I look forward to explore other cities in southern Germany!

Stuttgart day 1

Monday, February 1, 2016

Coat: Mango. Top: Kik. Pants: H&M. Bag: H&M. Scarf: Accessorize. Shoes: H&M

Today I want to share with you some photos of the outfit I wore last weekend for a short trip to Stuttgart. One of the good resolutions of this year is to travel more and to make more trips and gateways to explore as much as possible the area in which we live, so we decided to visit Stuttgart. I didn't know what to expect from this city and I was pleasantly surprised, especially by the SchloƟplatz (Castle Square), so broad that looks almost like an Italian Piazza and surrounded by tables of the cafes, even in winter. In the next post I will show you the pictures of the outfit worn on the second day and I will tell you other considerations about this city. Follow me on Instagram (@olga_federico) to see all the photos I took in Stuttgart!

In the snow

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Coat: Forever 21. Turtleneck sweater: Tezenis. Jeans: Jennifer. Beanie: New Yorker. Sunglasses: Accessorize. Shoes: La Redoute. Bag: H&M

I definitely don't like winter, but I can't deny that when it snows every one of us in his heart feels like a child again. Last weekend here in Augsburg there was a beautiful snowfall; what a better occasion to have fun playing in the middle of all that white. Then, Ste and I, took refuge in an Italian restaurant  that we recently found out that it has become one of my favorite places in Augsburg. These days of simple pleasures will be always in my heart.

Total black

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hat: Asos. Top: Zara. Pants: Forever 21. Bag: Forever 21. Necklace and bracelet: Pilgrim

As you already know, I love to wear colors and prints, but sometimes a total black, especially during winter, is the perfection. Lately I also like to mix different styles and even now my outfit is not a defined style. Surely, however, everything is enhanced by the beautiful jewels from Pilgrim that you have already seen on my Instagram. The necklace and the bracelet are something unique, but follow me on Instagram to find other jewelry that they sent me!