Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pants: vintage. T-shirt: Pimkie. Sneakers: Converse. Bag: H&M. Earrings and bracelet: handmade (bought last year in Ibiza)

This weekend, Ste and I decided to take a bit of time for us and we went to visit some places where we wanted to go for a while but never had time to do it. One of these is Strasbourg, a beautiful city on the French border with Germany that I loved from the first moment. The architecture remind me those of Nuremberg and Bamberg, all made more romantic by the river and by the many restaurants and bars of the historic center. Spend a day in this city so special was wonderful. That day I was wearing my beloved vintage palazzo pants but instead of combining them with heels as I usually do, I've combined them with my white Converse. The result was super comfortable for walking around the streets of the city and also nice! What do you think?

10 summer wardrobe essential you should own

Saturday, May 23, 2015

A few months ago I showed you the wardrobe essentials that every woman should own showing you the must-have for every season. I decided to go into that, and I created a list of essentials for the summer season. Having only these clothes of good quality, you can create many combinations and be perfect for any occasion. Where I did not specify the color it means that it is always best to choose neutral colors for basic items, but for summer you can do an ecception, for this reason in my collage I show many prints and non-neutral colors. What do you think? What are your essentials for the summer?

Black and brown

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

 Blazer: Asos. Shirt: Pimkie. Shorts: H&M. Loafers: H&M. Bag: H&M

A few days ago here in Munich we had almost summer days, so I finally wore shorts! These are from H&M and have already become my favorite.
In this look I wear my loafers again and I'm wearing them a lot in this period that is not yet properly sandals time. I love that are comfortable and make interesting any look. As you know in the last few months I haven't worn heels that much, so flat shoes like these are perfect! The incredible thing is that before buying this pair from H&M, I always thought that they were not my style!

Yellow cropped sweater

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sweater: H&M. Pants: Forever 21. Loafers: H&M. Bag: H&M. Necklace: Accessorize

I'm back with a new outfit post, snapped in one of my favorite places in Munich: the Hofgarten. In spring this small park is wonderful because it's filled with flowers and people lie on the grass to enjoy the spring sun or have a picnic. We took these photos on a sunny day last week, just before sunset with a warm and perfect glow.
I bought this yellow cropped sweater during the winter sales and never worn it before, but it's perfect for the spring sunny days of  Munich, still not hot enough.
Sorry for the long absence, but I decided to dedicate the beginning of the month to myself and to my projects, but even if I didn't update the blog that much, my addiction to Instagram (@olga_federico) continues, so follow me there too for all the updates!